Dr Le Song

CTO & Chief AI Scientist, BioMAP

Dr. Song is the CTO and Chief AI Scientist at BioMap, where he leads the efforts in strategic planning and technological development of xTrimo, a large-scale model for life science, as well as constructing the high-throughput, closed-looped system to complement the AI engine. Prior to joining BioMap, Dr. Song was a professor and the department chair of Machine Learning at MBZUAI, an associate professor in the College of Computing at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the associate director of the Machine Learning Center at the Georgia Institute of Technology, the head of the deep learning team at Ant Financial, and a researcher at the Alibaba DAMO Academy and at Google. Since 2008, when he was a post doc at Carnegie Mellon University, Dr. Song started to work on AI for life science problems and has done a series of impactful work related to target discovery and drug design using machine learning methods. His work has earned him numerous best paper awards in major AI conferences such as NeurIPS, ICML and AISTATS to name a few. Dr. Song is also a board member of ICML, and the program chair for ICML 2022.